Super super late post. So you've probs heard of the former-Kuwait-resident plexi-sensation that's been Urania Gazelli (UG) and her fabulous card clutches this past year. And if you haven't... what? Gave her the full GQ this past summer when I was working at Vogue Talents. Here y'all are. Bam. 


Cat Cat Cat Laurent

Obsessed. Obsessed. Obseeeeeeeessed. As those of you who follow my instagram know, I've been a huge advocate of mid and low heels for a long time now (as I am an advocate of the mobile woman) and I could not be happier that even bloody Mr. 12-cm Brian Atwood has started making lows. But the BEST lows are shoes designed to be low, not modifications of a higher heel. 
Hello to the sexiest, most cutting, most Victorian-London-lady-meets-punky-sixties-youth situation that has ever happened. I am in love with the whole seasonal shoe offering at Saint Laurent with the high, rounded throats, and pointy 50mm spike heel but I am utterly, desperately, BESOTTED with the Cat. Slim ankle, lace-up, shiny patent, comfort (!!) and tons of attitude. Total classic. Total stunner. Total hole in my pocket. Waiting patiently...


Next Big Thing: Melis Yildiz

It's the end of fashion week in Milan, guys. Thank God! I can get a restaurant reservation now.

Soooo....I was at Super (a major fashion and accessories fair) yesterday afternoon to see a few friends from when I was working at Vogue Talents (a selective showcase of top emerging designers organized by Vogue Italia) this past September. I immediately went to check out the new Autumn Winter 14/15 collection from Melis Yildiz, an absolutely lovely young Turkish shoe designer. And I was immediately all OMG ALESSANDRO (her husband) WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PUMPS. They made a very strong impression: short bubbly point, straight back heel, shock mesh panels and directional lines. Severe, sensual, bold and electric! Beautiful work! Beautiful finishing and beautiful lines! Pigalle-lovers are going to go nuts on this one. Clean, fresh, classic. BUYERS TAKE NOTE. I wanted to take pictures of the rest of the collection but I was all what the hell I love these pumps too much I'll just do a whole post on them. The black with silver balls are sure to be a hit in the GCC but burgundy suede has got my name stamped aaaall over it. Pair with a silver fox coat, dark lipstick and a wink. #SEXYTIME


Katie Eary for River Island on FYAAAAAH

OH HAY. Red Leopard. Green leopard. More red leopard. WITH FIRE. AND LACE-UP. AND RINGS WITH STRINGS BIKINIS AND GOLD DANGLY THINGS. BOOM. FO THEM NIKKI BEETCHESSSS. BRASSIN AT THE PUBLIC POOL. AFTER HOURS. This collection is loud, vulgar, chunky fresh. I love it! First in line!!!!! 
-Launching Feb 18-



Favorite fashion blogger Tavs wearing space-age-diner-Lisa Frank-crappy-Motel Full-Miucc outfit with slicked back hair and simple matte bordeaux lips. And the boots. Can we talk about the fact that I dreamed about these boots since I was 4 and a half? Or that I wanted them before I even met them? That this whole outfit makes me want to collapse into a sea of milky green, lychee-aluminium scented happiness? Dying here...